Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Really Big Mess

This is what happens when you leave two toddlers alone for five minutes!!! I noticed that Chandler and Madison got really quiet, when I went to check on them......this is what I found.

All I could do was laugh at this mess.

Alabama State Fair

This past September, we took a girls trip and went to the Alabama State Fair. It was extremely hot, but it didn't slow Chandler down. Here are a few of the pictures we took.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birmingham Zoo

In September 2009, we took our very first trip to the zoo. Chandler had a wonderful time. I can't wait until the weather gets warmer so we can go back.

First Day of School August 2009

These are pictures that we took on the first day of school.

First Haircut

July 31, 2009

These are pictures from Chandler's very first haircut. She was so well behaved.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fourth of July 2009

Waiting for the fireworks to begin.

Notice the bubble machine attached to the back!

A special tribute!

Eyes on the road, boys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are they not the cutest?

Chandler and Madison participated in the 2nd Annual Pine Harbor Parade/5K Run. We decorated the Barbie Jeep and the girls had a ball.

Fort Walton Beach 2009

Since I can remember, we have gone to the beach during the week of my birthday. These are just a few of the pictures that we took. Chandler had so much fun at the beach this year.
The water was beautiful!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Home Depot is dangerous...

This child has no fear!!!!

Ok, we are a very outgoing family that enjoys spending time outdoors. After one week of being at home for the summer, we HAD to find something to do! We loaded up and went to the local Home Depot just to get out of the house. After spending several hours "looking around", we came back with a truckload of materials for Chandler's new swing set. Chris and I put it together in a couple of days.

Chandler loves to "wing" and "lide"!

Lazy Summer Days

"Mere Lola"

Chandler gets popsicles when she wants....

and chocolate when she wants.

Chris and I are so blessed to have jobs that allow us to spend two months out of the year with our precious little girl. Here are a few pictures of Chandler enjoying being at home with mommy and daddy.

New Camera and Summer Kickoff

Cute picture----dirty mouth! Oh well!

Best Buds!

Chandler learning how to open the door

I have always been very interested in photography. As a child, I can remember my Little PaPaw carring a camera everywhere we went and taking pictures. Papaw made each of his grandchildren a photo album with all of the pictures he took of us. When he passed, his Canon camera was passed down to me. He paid several thousands of dollars for it in the 70's. It takes the best pictures, but it is VERY hard to operate. It is a 35 mm camera that you have to crank manually. Anyways, I finally broke down and purchased one that is much easier to use and I LOVE IT!!!! Here are a few of the first memories that I captured with it.

Mother's Day 2009

Mommy's beach baby.

So serious.

Having fun in the sand with Pop.

Breakfast by the sea!

There is nothing like spending time with my wonderful family-especially when it involves the beach. Of course, we had a blast. The weather was perfect! Here are a few pictures.